Rocher Saint Barthélémy

Departure point : Rocher car park - In the heart of the massif
Duration : about 1 hour
Distance : 3.2km (return trip)

How to get there by car : Take the coastal road towards Agay and when you arrive at the roundabout in Agay take the exit marked “Massif de l’Estérel”. Go under the small railway bridge and past the shops (bakery, boat and car repairs…) then turn right onto a small road signposted “Massif de l’Estérel”. After the Gratadis forester’s house turn right in the direction of “Pic de l’Ours”. At the next crossroads turn right towards “Rocher St Barthélemy, Plateau d’Anthéor”, then continue until you get to the barrier. Park your vehicle (remember to leave the access road clear for fire engines).

Itinerary : Go through the barrier and follow the road for 1.5km (approx 30 mins). The road is flat and closed to traffic. It overlooks the Corniche and offers excellent views over the sea. To return, simply retrace your steps. You can continue the walk after the rock (2km round-trip).

Be prepared: In summer, in case of extreme heat and mistral wind, the massif can be closed to avoid fire danger. Before you leave, please call or go to to check the weather conditions.


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