L'Île d'Or and the Cap Dramont

Until the 19th century, L’Ile d’Or was just a small rocky island like many others along the coast in the region. It was only in 1897 that its extraordinary destiny started.

La Corniche d’Or and Anthéor Coves

La Corniche d’Or is the road connecting Saint-Raphaël to Cannes. It was opened in 1903 under the initiative of the “Touring Club of France”. It is bordered by the most pristine waters in the region.

The natural harbour of Agay

Situated in one of the most beautiful natural harbours on the French Riviera, between the Cap Dramont and the headland of “La Beaumette”, Agay is a gateway to the Estérel.

The Estérel coastal path

Starting from Santa Lucia to Agay, the coastal path covers the same itinerary as the one customs officers used to follow. As you walk along, you will discover our pristine coast between rocky coves and sandy beaches.


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