Saint-Raphaël & beyond

Saint-Raphaël is a popular sun-baked seaside resort spreading over 36 km of pristine coastline, between the massif of the Estérel and the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors are always amazed by the unique beauty of the coves and inlets that have been carved out of the rock by turquoise waves.


Known today as the “Quartiers des Golfs” (the Golf Course neighbourhood), the name “Valescure” is thought to be the contraction of the Latin name Vallis Curans, which means “the valley that cures”.


Formerly called “Boulerie”, Boulouris is a residential area beloved for its quietude and its proximity to many shops and services.Every Monday, a small outdoor market takes place there.


Sheltered by the Cap Dramont on one side and the headland of the Baumette on the other side, Agay Harbour is a gateway

Anthéor - Le Trayas

The neighbourhoods of the Anthéor and Le Trayas are located where the Estérel mountain range meets the Mediterranean Sea.


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