Discovery games and activities

If you feel like discovering the area through games with your family or friends, this is the perfect opportunity to experience the natural and cultural sites Saint-Raphaël and Les Pays de Fayence have to offer.

Free tourist games and activities are taking place year-round. Don’t miss the opportunity to find treasures and win gift cards!

GPS-Adventure Itinerary Your mission : discover a treasure hidden in nature by using geo-positioning. Choose from a list of fun walks combining treasure hunts and orienteering on your phone GPS... Based on the principle of “geocaching”, surprises will be waiting for you in hidden places that will have also been discovered by previous participants. Don’t forget to bring a small prize for the next treasure hunters. You might leave them a key chain, a pen, or some other small souvenir from your town; or perhaps a small piece of outdoor equipment such as a flashlight. Collectible geocoins are also desirable. It is advisable to leave anything that is not waterproof in a plastic zip bag or sealed container, but please, no perishable food!
Duration :about 2 hrs per itinerary
Where :13 Adventure GPS itineraries are suggested: 3 in Saint-Raphaël (one in the heart of the massif of the Estérel, another one in Agay and a final one in the Dramont) and 9 in the Pays de Fayence (spread over 8 villages).
Who : accessible to everyone – be sure to wear comfortable shoes.
GPS-mobile rentals: mobile GPS can be rented from all Tourist Offices in the area and at the “Centrale de Reservation”: 5 €/half-day or 10 €/day.

Walkabout mysteries and secrets
An eco-tour puzzle will guide you to magnificent and sometimes obscure sites in Saint-Raphaël and the Pays de Fayence. Two different itineraries are connected to help you solve the final mysterious riddle. Don’t forget to take a camera because at the end of each itinerary you will be asked to take a picture of the last place you have discovered.

Duration : Each itinerary can be completed in one day. You can choose which one to start with: Saint-Raphaël then the Pays de Fayence, or the other way around.
Where : One of the itineraries takes place in Saint-Raphaël along the coast, in the coves and beach as well as in the massif of the Estérel. The other one winds through the Pays de Fayence from one village to the other, where you will travel to gorges, waterfalls, and lakes.
Who : accessible to everyone – be sure to wear comfortable shoes.


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