Cultural treasure hunts

A huge eco-touristic itinerary will allow you to discover magnificent and sometimes unknown sites in Saint-Raphaël and in the Pays de Fayence. 2 itineraries are connected to the final mystery sentence… Don’t forget to take a camera because at the end of each itinerary you will be asked to take a picture the last place you have discovered.

Duration : Each itinerary can be completed in one day; you can pick which one to start with (Saint-Raphaël then the Pays de Fayence, or the other way around).

Where : One of the itineraries takes place in Saint-Raphaël (along the coast, the coves and the beach as well as in the massif of the Estérel). The other one travels through the Pays de Fayence, from one village to the other (you will also travel to gorges, waterfalls and lakes…)

Who : accessible to everyone – be sure to wear comfortable shoes.


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