“France Station Nautique” certification

France Station Nautique is a quality certification that is awarded to cities such as Saint-Raphaël that maintain high standards in respecting nautical safety rules and protecting the environment.

This certification assures visitors of consistency and quality in their experience in Saint-Raphaël, and to this end, the Office of Tourism takes an active role in coordinating the various local organizations and businesses that serve guests.

A quality certification for all nautical activities. The city has obtained a fourth star (the highest rating) as a “Station Nautique” thanks to the quality of the facilities and activities it offers and because it meets the expectations and needs of a wide range of visitors, whether the purpose of their stay is for business or leisure.

Services that are covered under the “Station Nautique” certification include boat rentals and sales, and docking facilities, along with all water sports including diving, sailing, windsurfing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, water jousting, and water skiing. The 30 km of coast under Saint-Raphaël’s jurisdiction is monitored and patrolled so that visitors can be updated on prevailing conditions that may affect bathing water quality or water-sport safety. Signs posted at beaches display current information, and buoys designate zones where specific activites such as swimming, diving, and water skiing are permitted. Locations of launch ramps and harbour stations are also marked.

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