Cycling itinerary: Saint-Barthélémy Loop

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Cycling itinerary: Saint-Barthélémy Loop

This itinerary will take you exploring an inner area of the massif and along the beautiful "Corniche d'Or", a spectacular coastal road along the Estérel coves.

Join Agay, at the roundabout, take the direction of "Massif de l'Estérel". Park on Place du Togo, 250m further on.

GPS coordinates: 43.434231, 6.857667
Place du Togo, Agay

Take the avenue "Gratadis" on the left for 1.4km then turn right at the entrance to the "Massif de l'Estérel".

Pass the quarry and the Gratadis forest house, and follow the "Pic de l'Ours" road, taking the Grenouillet lake to the right (2.4km).
Go up to the next intersection (1km).

Turn right towards Rocher Saint-Barthélémy (for 2.9km), until the wooden barrier prohibiting the circulation of cars.

You are now cycling on a route shared with pedestrians, please limit your speed. The route offers you a beautiful panoramas over the 3.5 km of this portion in balcony above the sea.

Then, you join the D559 road. From there, you can reach the Agay roundabout at 7. km then turn right back to Place du Togo.

Forest location
Mountain location