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Jet Style

Jet ski: Introductory sessions or excursions, always in the company of an instructor on a separate machine.
Aquatic fun with tubing and spinning-top tubes.

Jet ski initiation: in free evolution, alone or in pairs, you drive your jet ski on the evolution area 300m from the shore under the supervision of the instructors.
- Jet Ski hike - Sunset: From the Agay base, set off for a hike under the colors of the sunset on a jet ski and discover the Estérel coast! Find unique sensations and breathtaking landscapes that make the richness of the Côte d'Azur.
- "Sublime Estérel" (duration 1 hour) Departure from the base of Agay towards the creeks and red rocks of Trayas. You will pass along the coast with a view of the highest points of the Estérel such as the tip of Cap Roux, the Ile des Vieilles and the Ile de Tintin.
- "Iles de Lérins" (duration 2 hours) along the Corniche d'Or, the creeks, the peaks of the Estérel, up to the tip of Trayas, then continue to the bay of Cannes and the Islands of Lérins, return via the Ile d'Or.
- "Gulf of Saint-Tropez" (duration 2h30) navigation to the bay of Saint-Tropez, along the small Moors, the Issambres, Ste Maxime, return via the Ile d'Or.

Water games: Come slide on the water in the magnificent bay of Agay, in a breathtaking setting.
- Couch: you sit on the buoy and let yourself be towed and slid, more stable.
- Airstream: you are lying down and grab the buoy, more sensations + fun + risk of falling in the water
- NEW ! Endless ride spinner towed buoy: You will be comfortably seated on this new buoy that turns on itself, a great time to share with family or friends.

- From 1m30 for passengers
- 16 years minimum to drive
- Appointment 30 min in advance
- Mandatory ID
- Know how to swim (with parental authorization)

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