Les joutes Raphaëloises

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Les joutes Raphaëloises

1st French jousting club. Organisation of tournaments and training sessions on boats and optimist dinghies for children, teenagers, and adults.
Organization of exhibitions on the history of jousting from the origins to the present day.

We receive many young people and groups during free open days from May to October. Our trainers are all approved by the FFJSN. Our tournaments, demonstrations, training are all insured in Civil Liability.
Initiation for children on an optimist converted into a jousting boat.
Tournaments organized at the Old Port of St Raphaël and at Port Santa Lucia.

Participation in fairs and book festivals with the 3 books written:
- “Honour, Tradition and Glory”
- “Festivities for the 110th anniversary of the Raphaël jousts”
- “The Bible of the Raphael Jousts from 1892 to the present day”