Vitamin Sea Diving

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Vitamin Sea Diving

Vitamin Sea Diving is your chance to discover the sea from a new angle in the company of a young and passionate team. All our activities take place in small coves and on hidden beaches, the promise of a fabulously relaxing day!

Discover in a small group, private lessons
All our services are private and personalized according to your desires, needs or availability. The principle is to welcome you solo or in a small group of a maximum of 4 people, because here the emphasis is on sharing and conviviality. Thus, we take the time to accompany you, your instructor only takes care of you!

Discover land/sea landscapes, wild and natural places accessible to all. Vitamin Sea Diving operates in Saint-Raphaël and its surroundings. In our company, first on foot and then in the water, you will discover wild spaces typical of our region: red rocks in contrast to the Mediterranean blue, intimate beaches, secret creeks and wild coves await you.
With us you choose an activity plus the discovery of a nugget on the Riviera.. It is therefore the opportunity for a day out with family or friends, so think of the picnic and the music! In these sumptuous settings, our passionate guides welcome you and make you discover through scuba diving, snorkeling, snorkeling or spearfishing, an exceptionally rich biodiversity.

Accessibility: The sea for all. Your instructor can travel to the two HandiPlage sites: Beaurivage beach in Saint-Raphaël and Escale beach in Agay.

Discover with specialists, in unique formats
Our instructors are professionals with State Youth and Sport graduates, teacher trainers, true enthusiasts for their profession and sharing above all. Welcoming and attentive, you will never be rushed, regardless of your level. We recommend that you place all your trust in your instructor, and if he needs to take longer, he will gladly do so.

We choose not to offer any 20-minute format. Taking the time to feel comfortable underwater and fully enjoying your baptism is essential for us. For this reason, with us it is planned at least 45 minutes of immersion and sometimes more!

A responsible environmental approach
Vitamin Sea Diving is committed to limiting its carbon footprint on the environment as much as possible, so we favor the departure from the beach, directly from the coast.
By varying the dive sites we want to limit our impact on the marine fauna and flora. The goal is to disturb our friends the fish as little as possible! We avoid overcrowded dive sites in summer where the ecosystem unfortunately does not emerge unscathed.

If Vitamin Sea Diving takes to the sea, it is by joining one of the ships of our partner centers for a lesser impact. So if this approach speaks to you, then to your legs and go to the edge of the water.

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