"The Cold Case Police Investigation", an adventure with Estérel Aventures

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"The Cold Case Police Investigation", an adventure with Estérel Aventures

Your mission - if you accept it - is to discover who killed Auguste Lutaud! This gentleman is no fictional character. You'll conduct the investigation opposite his home, the famous Île d'Or, the island that also inspired Hergé for one of Tintin’s adventures.

Conduct this investigation 2.0 and solve this unsolved case for more than 100 years.
It was in 1905, during a drunken card game that this doctor became the owner and proclaimed himself King Augustus 1st in 1913. For this occasion, he organized a gigantic and sumptuous party. Was her murderer among her guests? But who wanted to steal his kingdom? Was it out of jealousy or for some other reason? We do not know and that is why you are intervening by trying to elucidate this case closed without further action. You must find out why this murder, who is the author and how it happened... This open-air escape game starts from the small port so typical of Poussaï, it continues to the Landing Beach in Dramont, district of Saint Raphaël, a popular seaside town on the Côte d'Azur.
Using your phone (android) and a geolocated application, you will be the field team in charge of solving this case!

Your investigation is done on foot, you will leave independently with a backpack provided by Estérel Aventures and your intuition as your best asset.
Don't delay, you have 2 hours!

You can live this stimulating experience solo but since several brains are better than one, come with reinforcements! Become investigators like experts from Miami, Ncis, Criminal Minds, Bones, and especially Cold Case!

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